End of 2nd year film project
Ecole Georges Melies.
done as a publicity for a social aid organisation in france

my part involved editing and storyboard
and the 2 last shots entirely,from concept to compositing
(it was not directed by me,so it was oriented to the 
director's demands)

the animation and clean up for the character 
were done traditionally(on paper),and scanned
color was added in compositing.
the animation for the large element was done
frame by frame on using flash
the texture to fill it ,and all the elements in the background
and flowers are filmed spilled ink 
ink was spilled and manipulated on a piece of glass and 
camera was placed underneath,
it was then manipulated in compositing
grass and foreground flowers where done in 3d

I'm responsible entirely for the last shot,in the shot 
before it character animation was done by Fanny lhotellier
and i did the rest.

credits:Arthur bourdot,Fanny lhotellier
sound:Tom ferry
extra credits:Nir bone,Olivier gilquin,Marion gombert
Daphne chabrier,Daphne durocher,Marlene gillet-zavatarelli
Constance joliff,Thomas riquier

under the direction of: Stephane sante-foi
school director:Franck petitta